Steve Coles - Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Live on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

From Grafton, NSW, Australia

Interests - current: Raising family, Coffee, Linux, Programming, Electronics, Drawing

Interests - previous: Aviation (sailplanes and Cessna), Scuba Diving, Rock n Roll Dancing, bushwalking, painting

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Steve from schooldays to recent

Steve 4

At the Currumbin Bird Sanctury before the name was changed to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Trying to smile and ignore the claws on my scalp.

Steve 2

Flying a Hornet at the Narromine Soaring Centre. Flew 1000kms over 3 days, so quiet even at redline speed. Last flight there was over 7 hours.

Steve 3

One of my early oil paintings with mums art group during a visit. The painting groups were fun. Painting rocks was harder than I expected.

Steve 5

Skiing at Perisher. Lots of fun but haven't been skiing since

Steve 6

Amateur Theatre at Tugun. On stage this time instead of doing the lighting. The play was Out of Order by Ray Cooney.

Steve 8

Time exposure light painting with burning steel wool. The trick is not to let the bits of molten steel land on your clothes.

Steve 1

A bit more recent. Need to wear glasses now